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 Students Services:

1. Individual & group guidance in the following areas:

·     Planning for a successful career.

·     Choosing the academic major.

·     Acquiring & improving skills required in labor market.

·     Searching & applying for jobs.

2.  Checking CVs & employment correspondences.

3. Guidance session on job interviews.

4.  Providing brochures, booklets, forms, and samples in different areas related to career guidance.


 Employers Services:

1.   Sharing ideas & expertise to raise career awareness for SQU students & graduates, & enhance their employability.

2.  Promoting job vacancies for SQU graduates & students.

3.  Providing graduates data for different job vacancies’ requests.

4.  Offering all logistics facilities to conduct recruitment campaigns in SQU campus.

5. Introducing available academic programs in SQU.

6.  Inviting to participate in the Annual Career & Training Opportunities Fair.


 Alumni Services:

1.  Providing proper career guidance to enhance graduates’ employability

2.   Issuing training letters for unemployed graduates, to enhance their practical experience.

3.  Nominating graduates for vacancies requests by employers.

4.   Inviting alumni to attend different events at SQU.

5.  Affording Mazaya Cards for discount in various shops.

6.  Sending newsletter about SQU events and news.

7.  Offering distinguished services to alumni through Alumni Portal.


 Programs & Events:

 Career Awareness Program (CAP):

  Aims to qualify SQU students for market requirements through conducting workshops, delivered by specialists in the center, professionals from SQU, and employers, to share their valuable experience. CAP focuses on main topics as following: Career Guidance, Career Awareness, Skills Development, Entrepreneurship, and Alumni Experience.

 CV Clinic:

  In this event, the center hosts specialists in HR field to check SQU CVs, and give them feedback & tips on best strategies to market their skills.


 Annual Career & Training Opportunities Fair:

SQU Career & Training Opportunities Fair aims to provide jobs and training opportunities for SQU students and graduates through Strengthen the relationship between the university and different employment sectors and Introduce SQU various academic programs to the participating organizations. On the other hand, provide an opportunity for participating organizations to recognize the academic level, skills, and abilities of SQU students and graduates.


 Annual Majors Fair:

An annual event organized by CCG in cooperation with SQU’s colleges, gathering all the available academic majors. The fair aims to increase students' awareness of the skills and jobs associated to different majors, and help them in planning for a successful career path, that start by choosing the right major.


 Alumni Day

This event is organized by the center for SQU Alumni in different cohorts, and colleges, based on SQU concern to find interactive channel with them, and to strengthen the sense of belonging to SQU.